Mobile Advertising

xbox mobile workspace conference room advertising Mobile Airstream advertising and conference room, workspace,  lounges, product exhibit: There’s no better way to get your brand known than by plastering it across a shiny Airstream. Living Mobile rents out travel trailers for a variety of purposes, including mobile advertising and branding. By this, we mean printing your brand  on any of our new and vintage models. The trailers in our inventory are available in different sizes, various interiors (including workspace/ conference room/ dining area/ product exhibit/ corporate retreat) so you’re sure to find one that suits your advertising needs.

vinyl wrap airstream branding mobile advertising loungeRenting our Airstream trailers for advertising serves two purposes. You can use the interior to house your crew and equipment while letting the exterior tell the world about your brand. We make our rental services as affordable as possible to help you get the best value for your money. Pricing varies depending on duration of use, design options, and location of promotional campaign for the Airstream and/or towing vehicle.

Move Your Brand:  Advertising while traveling is possible with our trailer rental services. Whether you’re camping or attending a trade show, an Airstream will make your brand more visible. You’ll have a chance to make your business, products, and services standout everywhere you go.

xbox workspace conference room airstream rental lounge mobile advertisingLiving Mobile advertising is just a phone call away, we’re here to help whenever you need a trailer for mobile advertising purposes. We are based out of Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington State, Oregon, Washington DC (serving the East Coast), and Sacramento, but can facilitate advertising campaigns anywhere in the United States!

Contact us today at or 303-668-4064 so we can discuss your needs and the details of our Airstream rental service, also check us out at or